Why Do Catalyst Kitchens Programs Train Students in Foodservice?

August 20, 2018

We hear this question a lot – why do your members train students in culinary, how does that support their future employment and help students to break through some of their employment barriers?

There are many forms of job training programs for students with employment barriers, some examples include construction training programs, coding and technology programs, custodial programs, and more.  We choose food service for many reasons, including the endless opportunities for employment and growth, an excellent environment to practice soft skills, and a strong community around food. Below are our five top reasons for training students in food service to pursue life-changing careers.



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Job Training

Corinne Molz

Corinne brings experience to her role of Communications Coordinator from her background in event planning, international development undergraduate degree, and her passion for the foodservice job training social enterprise model. Her career goals are devoted to lifting others out of the cycle of poverty through economic empowerment through employment/workforce development. She previously served FareStart as a Catering Captain, Catalyst Kitchens as Program Associate, and currently manages all More