Validate Your Program

Creating a Culture of Data

We collect network outcomes annually to empower our members to track students outcomes against peer-driven standards. 

Assess Your Program's Health through CK Network Outcomes

Catalyst Kitchens member programs are often compared to other workforce development initiatives without relevant context. Using our annual benchmarking report, your program can track student outcomes against relevant peer-driven standards for an apples-to-apples comparison. Use our benchmarking tool to validate your program outcomes with funders by showing how your program compares to Catalyst Kitchens key performance indicators for commonly requested metrics including graduate rate and job retention. 



Participate in National Collective Impact

The Catalyst Kitchens network is a group of nonprofits with the same goal: to make a lasting impact on joblessness in our communities. Joining our network is joining a larger movement to provide access to job training opportunities and break the cycle of systemic, generational poverty. Your program impacts your local community: together we impact joblessness from coast to coast.



The Data Champions Fellowship Program 

We are building a culture of data within the Catalyst Kitchens network. In partnership with the Tableau Foundation, our Data Champions Fellowship identifies and connects individuals within the network who work closely with data to create space for dialogue and increase proficiency in analysis. The fellowship includes 3 Tableau online licenses, a Tableau desktop license, in person or virtual Tableau training, and a travel stipend to attend an in-person Data Champions meeting.