Types & Costs of Membership

Cafe UTEC, Lowell, MA

United Teens for Equality (UTEC) provides youth most in need the opportunity to gain valuable job skills and real earnings to help them pursue positive life choices at their cafe and other social enterprises.

Member Organizations

The varied organizations who form our Catalyst Kitchens network include:

Soup kitchens

Gospel & rescue missions

Community action agencies

Faith-based organizations

Human services agencies

Food banks

Members of affiliated networks: Goodwill Industries, Episcopal Community services, etc.


Social Enterprises

To make money to support their missions, our members run foodservice social enterprise businesses including:




Community kitchens



Contract meals

Food trucks

Food manufacturing (e.g., tortillas, truffles)

Membership Types

The Catalyst Kitchens network has two levels of membership:


All CK Members are working toward excelling in the three components of our model:

Foodservice job training for individuals with barriers to employment

Providing nutritious meals to the community

Running social enterprise businesses to support their work

Through access to online resources and affordable custom consulting services, Catalyst Kitchens provides Rising Members with the tools and support they need to build strong, impactful programs.

Model Members

Model Members are recognized leaders in the field, embodying the vision of the Catalyst Kitchens network and all three components of the model.  All Model Members agree to the importance of maintaining shared standards and tracking outcomes. Each undergoes a Standards Assessment to achieve a passing score.


Cost of Membership

Our members based dues on a sliding scale, based on their operating expense budget.

Less than $500,000
More than $10,000,001


To learn more about what comes with membership, see our Benefits of Membership page.