Responding to COVID-19

Catalyst Kitchens by FareStart COVID-19 Response

FareStart and its Catalyst Kitchens members are on the frontlines providing hunger relief and social services to ensure that vulnerable populations are safe and supported during this crisis.  

We're In This Together
Individuals and families across North America are experiencing high levels of food insecurity and unemployment as a result of the COVID-19 crisis. 

FareStart and its Catalyst Kitchens members produce over 800,000 meals per week to meet the newly increased demand for hunger relief at shelters, hospitals, senior centers, and more. 

The Catalyst Kitchens team is providing relevant resources, customizing consulting offerings, hosting virtual conversations, and securing national funding for our member network. 

FareStart's Catalyst Kitchens Network

Across North America, the Catalyst Kitchens National Member Network is preparing and delivering over 800,000 meals per week to emergency shelters, hospitals, recovery centers, and quarantined isolation sites. 

Catalyst Kitchens member organizations are: 

Hiring program alumni and displaced industry professionals to support emergency meal production

Collaborating with local restaurant communities to join forces around feeding vulnerable populations

Delivering prepared meals to vulnerable populations or those without access to transportation

Assembling nutritious take-home meal kits and providing grocery boxes for pick up

Revamping restaurant, cafe, or other retail space to serve as production kitchens for hunger relief efforts

Creating community food maps to track the changing landscape of publicly available meals for the food insecure

Finding creative ways to provide culinary training in a remote capacity through online learning modules, take-home assignments, and connecting students to digital resources

Providing a continuum of care through case management, addiction recovery, and other support services over the phone or through virtual platforms

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Catalyst Kitchens Consulting Support and Resources 

FareStart’s Catalyst Kitchens team has quickly pivoted to guide and support members in relief and response efforts to the COVID-19 crisis nationally. Some of these efforts include:  

Pro Bono Technical Assistance:

technical assistance and training free of charge for organizations responding to COVID-19 relief efforts

Educational Tools & Resources:  

Our Emergency and Mitigation Toolkit designed to guide members through crisis response and management.  

A curated COVID-19 resource page dedicated to emergency response efforts updated on a continuous basis.  

Community Connections: 

Weekly virtual discussion groups focused on COVID-19 response for members, which creates a platform for collaboration and sharing of innovative response initiatives.  

A members-only Slack channel to share best practices and resources around COVID-19 response.  

Seeking Financial & In-Kind Support:  

Collecting of emergency funding resources for members.  

Attracting national funders to provide pass-through funds to members in need of increased donations.  

A call for in-kind donations to members for needed emergency response items.  


    How You Can Help:

    "I am amazed by the resiliency of FareStart’s Catalyst Kitchens members, who are finding resourceful ways to serve their communities in response to COVID-19. We are hearing from members that what they value most right now is our support and the resources that our network can attract to help them pivot."

    - Renée Martin, Managing Director of Catalyst Kitchens & Vice President of National Initiatives at FareStart


    Donate to FareStart and Its Catalyst Kitchens Initiative 

    FareStart's COVID-19 Response & Recovery Fund is designed to meet emergency food needs. Your donation will provide meals now, ensure ongoing care for vulnerable populations, and support future FareStart programs and services, including its national initiative Catalyst Kitchens. 

    Donate now 


    In-Kind Donations

    We are asking third party vendors to consider donating products that will support our members in responding to the staggering hunger relief needs throughout the country. We're seeking in-kind donations in the following areas:

    Meal packaging: to-go containers for meals and beverages, disposable utensils, cooler bags for home deliveries, and 8" aluminum containers

    Personal protective equipment: masks, gloves, hand sanitizer, and disinfectant products

    Food donations: including but not limited to shelf-stable food, bread, coffee, single package snacks, and grocery gift cards

    Technical support to provide virtual learning: software, hardware, laptops, tablets, and smartphones

    Home office supplies

    Donate in-kind goods 

    How You Can Change Lives in the Pandemic
    Our Feature in the New York Times

    We are grateful to be featured in the Nicholas Kristof C-19 Impact Initiative, a new fundraising effort to support organizations working around the clock to fight COVID-19 and save lives.

    We're In This Together

    Check out our blog outlining how you can support efforts on the front lines of relief during this crisis.

    Our Member Map

    Use our map to identify members in your area and learn more about their COVID-19 relief efforts. 

    When Hunger Strikes, CK Members Strike Back

    Across the Catalyst Kitchens network, our members have ramped up hunger relief efforts ensure their communities don’t go hungry during the COVID-19 outbreak.