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We are proud to be recognized as a featured recipient of Nicholas Kristof's #C19ImpactInitiative. Catalyst Kitchens represents one part of an international effort to fight the impacts of COVID-19, and keep our communities fed. 

The generous contributions of the following donors amplify our work


Karen and Paul Menzel ♦ Lyn Tangen and Dick Barbieri

Denise M. Anderson ♦ Bruce T. Burger

Elizabeth Ruth Wallace Living Trust ♦ Anonymous


Our preferred vendors share discounts and direct savings to our members


Starbucks ♦ CDN ♦ Social Enterprise Alliance

National Restaurant Association ♦ KNG

Tableau ♦ Mercer Cutlery 


And we thank the following funders: 

Our Member Advisory Council contributes to our collective mission.


The Catalyst Kitchens Member Advisory Council (MAC) is comprised of leadership from across Model Member organizations. The MAC serves to provide valuable insight and strategic decision making in an effort to scale network impact and enhance membership value. 


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Focusing Philanthropy believes extraordinary, life-changing impact is possible if we focus on root causes, maximize leverage, act on solid information, and pool our efforts.

From the generous support of the Jacques Pepin Foundation, Catalyst Kitchens offers scholarships for organizations to help defray membership costs.


Thanks to the Tableau Foundation's partnership, CK offers the Data Champions Fellowship, which provides nonprofit data teams with Tableau technology, training & support.