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Our consulting team offers a variety of services and customized consulting options to meet your program's needs and budget.

Customized Consulting

We offer technical assistance customized for your program's needs and stage of readiness. After a 30 minute assessment call, we can provide a customized proposal for your program's development. 

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Virtual Discovery Workshops

Virtual Discovery Workshop 

This customized workshop is an introduction to our job training model with your key stakeholders involved in the conversation. The workshop is three hours and conducted in a virtual format specifically for your organization. 


Short Term Engagements: Single Milestones 

We offer portions of our Long Term Engagement program including program structure support, a feasibility study, a site visit to FareStart to immerse in the program model, or a social enterprise evaluation. A single milestone contract includes one in-person site visit, remote support, and customized programming deliverables. 


Consulting Long Term Engagements

Long Term Engagement: Launch 

Our primary offering supports the successful launch of your training program. A traditional contract is 12-18 months long and includes four in-person site visits, remote support, our Catalyst Curriciulum, and customized programming deliverables. 


Consulting Long Term Engagements

Long Term Engagement: Scale 

We work with your team to scale the impact of your existing program by initiating a new training venture, opening a new social enterprise, or increasing program efficiencies to better serve your students. This work is customized based on your needs and can include site visits, remote support, and deliverables. 


Public Workshops

We hold workshops throughout the year for our clients and member programs to grow professionally and programmatically.

The Foodservice Job Training Programs 101 Workshop 

An introductory workshop for a behind the scenes look at what makes this program model successful. Walk away with the framework you need to champion this program model or grow your program’s social impact. 

The 101 Workshop

The Train the Trainer Workshop 

Our Train the Trainer workshops are for student trainers and program staff to engage students from day one by creating a strong culture of learning in the kitchen and classroom. Gain tools and techniques to effectively coach, teach, and provide critical feedback to students.

The Train the Trainer Workshop


Our services are designed to support nonprofits that have completed prilimiary planning steps in preparation for their job training program. Make sure your program has these things in place to best utilize our consulting offerings. 


Apply for 501c3 status. To establish yourself as a non-profit, see steps to get started. You might also consider a fiscal sponsorship. Note: Catalyst Kitchens has no affiliation with these resources.


Identify your main goals for establishing a social enterprise and job training program. The Catalyst Kitchens model is focused on training for entry-level jobs in food service, along with personal and life transformation. Staying focused on your intended outcome will guide your decision making process. 


Conduct market research to determine the viability of your intended foodservice social enterprise operation. Is there an unmet demand in your community? Can you partner or collaborate with others already doing the work? Here's an example framework for market research. Note: Catalyst Kitchens has no affiliation with this resource.


Partner with organizations or individuals with expertise in job training, fund development, fellow social service providers, and food industry allies. These partners will help to provide essential social services for your trainees as well as referrals, employment support, life skills training, etc.


Identify funding sources. After determining your revenue goals and projections for the launch and growth of your program, look for start-up/capacity-building funds to help you get there. Funding partners in your community include local government, businesses, and individual donors and foundations. 


Identify a space to operate your kitchen and program. Secure its availability and ensure it has enough space, equipment, and storage capacity for your needs.





Seeking additional guidance?

Schedule a free 30 minute assessment call with our team to discuss your program initiation. We're happy to direct your next steps to make your training program a success. 

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Our Consulting Services

We are committed to offering you the tools, services, and leadership advice you need for your social enterprise job training program to thrive. 

Events & Workshops

We hold workshops throughout the year for our clients and member programs to grow professionally and programmatically.

Consulting Successes

Our consulting team has worked with over 150 organizations since 2011 to help their programs graduate students into gainful employment.