Nominee: Steven Wimbley

Steven Wimbley, Homegrown Program Chef Instructor, Umom New Day Centers

Nominated by co-worker, Edwin Jimenez:

Chef Steven is a Certified Executive Chef who teaches coaches and mentors all participants in the Homegrown Training Program that is available to all of our clients at Umom New Day Centers. Chef Steven's dedication to the success of our participants in unprecedented. Program Participants can expect a kind and patient training, regardless of level of culinary experience. The level of care for his students goes beyond ensuring they are trained in the program, Steven also works with his students and helps them obtain employment that will help them find financial stability. While students are being trained Steven becomes a teacher, coach and mentor and the success rate in this program under his leadership has reached and maintains new heights by exceeding the percentage of program completion and gaining employment within an allotted time after completing the program.

Service does not end here, as Steven makes an ongoing effort to continue to support the graduates well after graduation while working hand in hand with his Supervisor and departments that can provide with additional service to ensure long term success. On our mission to "end homelessness through by restoring hope and rebuilding lives", Chef Steven plays a pivotal role in the success in one of the most important programs provided at Umom New day Centers.    

Chef Steven joined the program this year, and is at the upmost a patient, kind, caring, understanding and committed team member, always willing to be of service.

Steven's efforts have increased number of participants this year by 60%, success rate of graduation by 60 %, and forged a network of employers who pay a livable wage.
Our overall success rate of completion of program under his leadership is 85%.

read more about Steven and the homegrown training program here

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