A New Initiative for Youth Apprenticeship Models with Jobs for the Future

April 21, 2020

Earlier this year, FareStart's Catalyst Kitchens Initiative was selected to join Jobs for the Future in helping non-profit job training programs serving opportunity youth to align with Registered Apprenticeship tracks in their communities.

Funded by the U.S. Department of Labor’s Apprenticeship Expansion and Modernization Fund (AEMF), the project brings together a national network of training providers and workforce development boards committed to expanding access to Registered Apprenticeship.

The prevalence of Registered Apprenticeships has increased dramatically over the last several years. These Department of Labor recognized programs are centered around clearly defined, high-quality career pathways and supported by employers to prepare their future workforce. Individuals enrolled in a Registered Apprenticeship track obtain paid work experience from the employer, classroom instruction, and a portable credential.

Three Catalyst Kitchens pilot sites were selected to participate in the Modernization of Apprenticeship for Opportunity Youth initiative, which will run through the end of June 2022. Our participating members are:

Forge City Works in Hartford, CT

Liberty’s Kitchen in New Orleans, LA

Café Reconcile in New Orleans, LA

Over the next year, these sites will receive individualized consultations and coaching from apprenticeship experts and technical assistance designed to help advance the innovative work happening at their sites. By aligning their training programs with Registered Apprenticeship tracks, Catalyst Kitchens pilot sites will enlist support from the restaurant and hospitality industry to more effectively engage opportunity youth in climbing these career ladders.

Following our initial pilot in these sites, Catalyst Kitchens and Jobs for the Future will share clear best practices and documented processes from this initiative to our broader network of 80+ nonprofit job training providers.

We look forward to this partnership and the opportunity to learn from workforce providers and apprenticeship experts across the country, in a wide range of industries.


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