National Summit 2023

Catalyst Kitchens National Summit 2023
Member Led, Member Driven, Future Focused

Catalyst Kitchens is excited to announce additional details on our National Summit in 2023.  The event will be hosted by Model Member, Providence in Winston Salem, NC.


Registration is closed!  If there is a last minute change or request to register, please reach out to

We are excited to feature all of the following at our National Summit

Here is our full agenda and summit booklet.  We look forward to seeing all 97 registered participants in attendance on the 23rd!

National Summit Booklet by Catalyst Kitchens

National Summit Sponsorship
Partner with us

Catalyst Kitchens is looking for partners interested in helping us put on a fantastic national summit for our 80+ members from across the country.  Let us know the type of sponsorships and partnership that interests you.