Membership and Benefits Summary

Why Join?

Catalyst Kitchens is is a national network of social enterprise and non-profit organizations with teaching kitchens.  We believe all individuals deserve a pathway to economic mobility and stability.  Through the creation of a community of learning and resources dedicated to supporting individuals with barriers to employment to launch and grow careers, we believe we can lift each other up.  We achieve this through a network of organizations that thrive and grow by sharing best practices, raising awareness, and advocating together for one another and their constituents. Network members support one another, and the movement of culinary skills training and workforce development as a whole. 

Benefit: Data, Outcomes, Benchmarking
  • Annual outcomes collected from all members
  • Benchmarks and Key Performance Indicators Set to compare your program
  • All data accessible through the member portal as downloadable statistics or interactive Tableau dashboards
Benefit: Fundraising
  • Use letters of support, Catalyst Kitchens outcomes, and peer-sourced techniques to improve your individual fundraising
  • Catalyst Kitchens uses the strength of the network and our collective outcomes/impact as the center of our fundraising portfolio to seek pass-through regranting funds for members.
Benefit: Resource Library

Group-sourced from members, our library is built* to include:

  • Culinary and Foodservice skill curriculums
  • Life, Professional, and Transferrable skill curriculums
  • Program recruitment and onboarding tools/examples
  • Case management and social service tools/examples
  • Job placement and internship tools/examples
  • Social Enterprise, Fundraising, Finance tools/examples
*Currently under reconstruction, on track for new structure to debut in 2023
Benefit: Vendors

Catalyst Kitchens seeks and maintains vendor discounts and in-kind support for:

  • Servsafe
  • Rouxbe Online Culinary School
  • Screenprinting through New Avenues Ink
  • Starbucks' and Seattle's Best Beans and Paper Products
  • CDN Digital and Analog Thermometers
  • Sketchers and SRMax Kitchen Shoes
  • Mercer Knife Kits
  • Tax Consultants
  • And more!
Benefit: Events
  • Online events monthly for peer networking and learning on
    • Training and Programs
    • Kitchen Operations
    • Development and Fundraising
  • In-person regional events every year.
  • National Conference every other year
  • Subject specific forums online and in-person for learning and professional development
Benefit: Peer Networking
  • Member staff and organization directories so you can find and connect with your peers.
  • Facilitated direct connection between peer staff to discuss strategies for common problems.
  • Arranged visits between members facilitated by Catalyst Kitchens staff.
Benefit: Additional Partners
  • Access to funding and consulting platforms through partners such as Jacque Pepin Foundation and REDF
  • Accreditation/Certification support through third party partners.  Leverage our collective efficacy and resources with:
    • State Apprenticeship or Trade School certifying bodies
    • Local community colleges for certificates and credits earned toward a degree
    • Local high schools for credits earned toward graduation
    • State Departments of Education for direct accreditation
    • Industry certification such as Servsafe, American Hotel & Lodging Association, or American Culinary Federation.
To Join: Annual Dues

Member costs an annual dues payment that is related to your overall organization size:

  • $1500 - $0-500K organizational budget
  • $2000 - $500K-1M organizational budget
  • $2500 - $1-2M organizational budget
  • $3500 - $2-5M organizational budget
  • $4500 - $5-10M organizational budget
  • $5000 - $10M+ organizational budget