Members-Only Consulting Services

A 30%+ discount on customized technical assistance


Our job training model requires a delicate balance between social enterprise revenue, coaching & evaluation techniques, social services, and donor support. Strengthening each aspect of the model and finding how each department can integrate with one another can pose a major challenge to leaders across the organization.

Our Catalyst Consulting team is specialized in nonprofit foodservice job training model and has years of experience in the field to offer your organization. They understand the unique dependencies of social enterprise and how to harmonize team workflows to successfully train students while operating businesses.

We are offering our services to members at an exclusive discount to serve as a resource for programs seeking guidance in their current programming or those programs who are establishing new training programs or enterprises.  Let our team bring FareStart’s 28 years of experience and facilitate a new approach to job training for your organization.


This offer includes:

1-2 Two day customized consulting visit to your organization or a Model Member host site

Walk away with the skills you need to strengthen your training program structure and ensure your program and operational staff are working as a unified team.

Number of site visits will depend on type of consulting package and proposed scope of work. See project descriptions for more details, subject to change based on submission.

Remote support from our Catalyst Kitchens Consulting team

Troubleshoot, brainstorm, plan, and execute with our experts in the field. Gain critical recommendations as well as customized tools and resources to ensure your program is a success.



This offer reduces Catalyst Consulting fees by one-third exclusively for Catalyst Kitchens members. One site visit will cost $5,000 plus travel expenses, normally valued at $7,500.

Above your budget this year? Please apply with any interest or need for our consulting services regardless of budgetary constraints. We’d like to identify network consulting needs to seek out increased funding to cover a portion of our discounted consulting fees as needed.


The 2019 Outcomes Survey:

Your organization must submit the 2019 Outcomes Survey to be eligible for this consulting offering. Outcomes surveys were sent to primary contacts in February 2020 and collect high level programming data. Please visit the Outcomes Reporting webpage for more details.

Annual Outcomes Reporting for Members 


Submission Deadline:

Submissions will be selected on an ongoing basis through 2020. Please submit your application to be considered by the end of the year, December 31st, 2020.

Once submitted, a member of the consulting team will be in touch within 2 weeks.  If you have additional questions or context please email



Consulting Package Offerings: 

Assess & Adapt: 

1 Two day customized site visit

Assessment: Assessment of business/production and programs using Catalyst Kitchens standards determined by Model Members of CK network.  Examine program, business, and organizational culture.

Course Corrections: Strategic planning and diagnostic evaluation.

General troubleshooting: Review diagnostic evaluation and Catalyst Kitchens observations.

Enhancement: Evaluate potential for additional resources, such as Catalyst Kitchens curriculum, to diversify training depth and offerings.

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New Business Development: 

2 Two day customized site visits

Facility Readiness: Evaluate capacity for program implementation and future growth.

Stakeholder alignment: Align program vision among staff, leadership, board members, and industry advisory group/social services partners

Visioning: Guide the job training program vision development and alignment with the organization's larger mission statement.

Market Research: Provide market research guidance regarding local business environment and  comparable job training programs.

Capacity audit: Review organization’s existing resources including staffing, systems, and financial budget.

Business and Program Viability: Assess business environment sustainability and program readiness using our proprietary process checklist 

Strategic program & business planning: Set priorities, identify resources, plan for hiring, financial budgets, and create timeline to accomplish internal stakeholder alignment

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New Program Development: 

2 Two day customized site visits

Strategic program & business planning: Set priorities, identify resources, plan for hiring, financial budgets, and create timeline to accomplish internal stakeholder alignment

Implementation Readiness: Assess program’s readiness to integrate job training into food operations and/or production.

Stakeholder Alignment/Model Validation: Convene community and industry stakeholder groups to  present program and business at current stage of readiness. Identification of specific internal and external stakeholders for commitment and partnerships

Program Structure Development: Develop and pilot training program mapped to production and facilities schedules/resources. Adapt Catalyst Kitchen's curriculum to customize trainee schedule and learning progression.

Facility and Staff Planning: Plan student schedules and assess integration with existing business operations.

Staff Training: Conduct staff training modules in needed areas, especially around student evaluation, utilizing the curriculum coaching champions, and best practices for integrating business and programs.

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