Benefits of Membership

Accelerate your impact

If you want to start a food-service-social enterprise, or accelerate the progress of your programs, consider joining us.

Membership in the Catalyst Kitchens network comes with many powerful benefits.

The benefits are many

The benefits of membership in the Catalyst Kitchens network are diverse and ever expanding. 

Each of the benefits provided to our members were specifically requested by members themselves. Our goal is to continuously improve on those benefits until they address the entire continuum of needs that our member social enterprises and training programs have.


The expectations are simple

Every Catalyst Kitchens member agrees to do the following:

work diligently to end joblessness, poverty and hunger in our communities;

share everything we know so that our partners can benefit from our successes and failures;

constantly seek new ways to reach more people, improve efficiency and increase impact.



Member benefits include:

National recognition of your program

Opportunities to increase your local and national leadership

Outstanding peer-to-peer learning

Support for fundraising and grants and even opportunities for seed funding

Assessment and evaluation tools to ensure you are the best you can be

Access to training tools and program resources available only to members

Sponsorships and discounts from world-class food service organizations

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"I found the Summit extremely valuable - hearing so many perspectives, levels of experience, and different positions represented."
"I personally learned so much from all of you and the amazing other members of this network. I really came away with a broader and deeper appreciation for the catalytic power of the network as a whole."
"The conference prompted some serious brainstorming and revamping that was long overdue."
"From the bottom of my heart, a huge thank you for all your hard work in putting together a great meeting. It was so great to see the collaboration happening at all levels. I cannot wait to help in any way you think I would add value."