Meet Our Consultants

Our team has decades of experience collectively in the nonprofit and culinary industry to offer to your program's development. 


Tiffany Gathers 

Senior Manager of Consulting & Outreach 

Tiffany has built her skillset for this role since she arrived at FareStart with a background in both foodservice operations and student services. Her well-rounded knowledge base and community development approach guides her work building new job training programs in the nonprofit sector. Tiffany has an organized, methodical approach and emphasizes the importance of building strong relationships among program stakeholders. With her guidance towards a shared vision, Tiffany builds strong community connections with her clients to launch successful and sustainable programming.






Justin Smith

Program Development Manager

Justin is no stranger to the kitchen. He spent years as a chef trainer for FareStart and Model Member Inspiration Corporation coaching students towards employment and developing curriculum. He has shifted his focus from culinary students to nonprofit staff and leaders to offer his experience in instruction, curriculum writing, program and organizational growth, human-centered design, and over a decade of work in restaurants and hospitality.  Justin brings his social impact and culinary perspectives to his work to build programs, enterprises, and organizations that meet the goals of their clients and the needs of their communities.






Natalie Evans

Outreach & Programs Coordinator

Natalie is a well-established Chef with an extensive background in Culinary Arts, Pastry Arts, Entrepreneurship, Retail, Catering, and Sales. Prior to this role, she worked as the Lead Catering Chef Instructor at FareStart, teaching students and preparing large catering orders simultaneously. Natalie works with clients to assess their consulting needs in the beginning stages and access membership resources. Her warm approach and thoughtful communications create strong relationships among clients, workshop attendees, and colleagues alike.




Our Consulting Offerings

Our consulting teams offers one to many solutions and customized consulting contracts to meet your program's needs and budget.

Consulting Services

We are committed to offering you the tools, services, and leadership advice to ensure you have what you need for your social enterprise job training program to thrive. 

Events & Workshops

We hold workshops throughout the year for member programs and non-members alike to grow professionally and programmatically together.