Homeward Bound of Marin

Growing Businesses, More Students to Serve

Homeward Bound of Marin County manages the Fresh Starts Culinary Academy, an 18 week training program with a café, a catering program, community meals to local shelters, and dog treats manufacturing.

Homeward Bound's businesses were growing quickly but their student population stayed stable at about 40 trainees served per year. They needed additional social services support for students to find housing, health services, access to transportation, and life skills training to prepare them for their first job after the program. Their food operations were using outdated systems that had not been scaled up to their higher levels of production. They sought the support of the Catalyst Consulting team to assess their program design needs to put their best foot forward. 

The Catalyst Consulting Team: 

Assessed their program design

Standardized operational procedures

Identify opportunities for frontline staff leadership

Encouraged additional student wraparound support services

Suggested increased food production in specific locations

The Results:

Almost doubled trainees served per year from 40 to 70 students.

Increased student job placement after graduation from 30 to 50 placements.

Reduced training costs by 50% by streamlining program structure.

Promoted capable staff members into leadership positions.

Progressed to Catalyst Kitchens' Model Membership status as a leader within the network.

Program Certification from the America's Culinary Federation. 

“The Catalyst Consulting team was fantastic. They engaged with our staff and listened to what was working and what wasn't. The result was a more structured program with the ability to train more students per year at a reduced cost."