Foodservice Job Training Programs 101

A Two Day Workshop for Nonprofit Leaders

Get the insider's look at the FareStart training model from student training, sound business practices, financial planning, and more. 

Join us in Seattle for an up-close learning experience with FareStart leadership of food service job training programs that manage businesses (social enterprise). FareStart has graduated over 2,900 adult and youth trainees since 1992, manages 12 enterprises, and 4 job training programs (adult culinary, adult apprenticeship, youth culinary, and youth barista).  

Participants will Learn: 

Business Operations

Learn how to incorporate a training model into business operations. Expand your business without compromising student training value and create consistent training opportunities within business lines. 

Staffing Models

Establish unique staffing models to create clear communication between training and operations staff. It is imperative to a program's health that all staff members share training goals and utilize strong student evaluation techniques. 

Financial Planning and Funding Models for Social Enterprise

Training programs incur additional costs - a double bottom line model differentiating enterprise profit and training costs can determine the health of your business. Learn how to balance your finances with private donors and federal grants from FareStart's Development and Finance department. 

Apprenticeship and Wage Progression

Learn about the ups and downs of opening a new training program from FareStart leadership in the new Apprenticeship program launched in 2017. This program is focused on training students with foodservice background to attain higher paying positions and further financial stability. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

Who should attend? 

Board members or new staff members of existing programs learning the Social Enterprise job training program model, programs in the first year or two years of job training programming, nonprofit service providers considering expanding into foodservice job training, new staff members of existing programs learning the social enterprise model. 

What is the cost?

Workshop admission per attendee is $500 for Catalyst Kitchens members, $625 for corporate partners, and $750 for non-members. Email us at for a members or corporate partner discount code. 

Where is it located? 

Workshop takes place is Seattle, Washington at our FareStart headquarters. We are exploring options to hold this workshop at Catalyst Kitchens member locations to increase accessibility, stay tuned! 

How do I get tickets? 

Keep an eye on our events calendar for upcoming Foodservice Job Training Programs 101 Workshops. 

Quotes from Previous Workshops

"This was worth the trip, we now understand what we can use towards our model."

"All presenters were good and shared valuable information." 

"This made this difference in deciding to join (CK) and articulate how we fit into the network."