DC Central Kitchen

DC Central Kitchen empowers men and women with histories of incarceration, addiction, homelessness, and chronic unemployment with the skills and resources to find jobs in the culinary industry and change their lives. The 14-week Culinary Curriculum covers all facets of work in a professional kitchen. The program includes “hands-on” training instructed by an ACF Culinary Coordinator. Local chefs also volunteer once a week to teach specific skills. The Workforce Development Coordinator teaches the importance of job-readiness skills such as punctuality, resume writing, computer literacy, interviewing techniques, positive work attitude, and teamwork. Self-empowerment sessions provide a holistic approach to further students’ personal growth. The goal of these classes is to encourage open dialogue about personal challenges and develop strategies for dealing with them. Since its inception, DC Central Kitchen has empowered over 1,000 men and women to change their lives. Graduates are hired in kitchens across Washington, DC—but many are hired to support the social service and social enterprise initiatives of DC Central Kitchen. Almost half of DC Central Kitchen’s employees are graduates of its job training program.

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