Consulting Services

Leverage Our Team's Expertise
Grow programs that change lives through food. 

We support the lifecycle of foodservice job training program development and guide clients at all stages.

Plan a Social Enterprise

Use the Catalyst Kitchens Model Roadmap with customized guidance from our team

Develop a Program

Build capacity and leverage the experiences of over 150 culinary training programs

Launch Careers

With proven curriculum for adult and youth culinary job training programs

We are committed to offering you the tools, services, and leadership advice to ensure you have what you need to build, grow, and sustain a thriving social enterprise job training program in your community.


Accelerate your impact

We want to meet you where you are: our consulting services can provide support and guidance throughout the planning process. Whether you are launching a new foodservice job training program at your nonprofit or expanding on your existing training program, we have tools and resources to make your program a success. Let's explore how we can help you increase your reach, efficiency and impact.

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If your organization is


Catalyst Consulting can offer


Evaluating the feasibilty of a new program or service
Excellent research/evaluation tools


  • Discovery
  • Market Research Support
  • Stakeholder Alignment
Planning to create a sustainable, high-impact organization
Proven strategic services


  • Strategic Planning Facilitation
  • Business Planning Facilitation
  • Fund Development Support
Preparing to Launch
Time tested methods and models 


  • Building Org Capacity
  • Facility Evaluation & Planning
  • Staffing Planning
Implementing/restructuring an operation or new initiative
World class tactics and tools


  • Implementation Support
  • Partnership Development Support
  • Program Structure Development
Improving your reach, efficiency and/or impact
Tools for growth


  • Diagnostic Evaluation
  • General Troubleshooting
  • Advanced Capacity Building



Building on success. 
Catalyst Kitchens is an initiative of Seattle-based FareStart—an organization devoted to ending the cycle of joblessness, poverty, and hunger.

A model for lasting change.
FareStart developed a unique combination of social services and social enterprises—including a restaurant, cafes, contract meals, and world-class catering.

Local action.
The 80+ Catalyst Kitchens members all have the same focus: one person, one job and one community at a time.

Global impact.
Since 2011, Catalyst Kitchens members in the US, Canada and the UK, have helped more than 12,500 people transform their lives.