Catalyst Kitchens Regional Summits

Local Social Impact
Regional summits connect local programs to share opportunities & challenges in the foodservice job training model.

Catalyst Kitchens holds regional summits annually to create local community with the shared mission of increasing access to job training through the foodservice job training program model. 

These summits provide an opportunity for staff to meet their peers in-person, build relationships regionally, and explore shared opportunities & challenges. 

Catalyst Kitchens members receive free event registration to one Regional Summit for a select number of staff each year. See our member's portal & events calendar for more details on how to access free Summit registration. 


COVID-19 Update:

We are working hard to pivot our events strategy to the new reality of COVID-19 and social distancing measures. We are building new events to bring our community together virtually to learn and grow together. Please stay tuned for updates! 

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Learn More about Our Events & Workshops

We hold multiple workshops each year for members and non-members alike to build community & their own knowledge in the foodservice job training field. Learn more about what we offer and how you can plug into our community.

The 2020 National Summit

Our biggest event! The National Summit is May 12th-14th hosted by Kitchens for Good in San Diego, CA. 

The 2019 Youth/Young Adult Training Workshop

We hosted our first Youth/Young Adult Workshop in 2019 hosted by Liberty's Kitchen, focused specifically on youth foodservice programming. 

The 2019 Northeast Summit at UTEC, Inc.

Fifteen organizations, 5 states, 2 days of conversation & connection. Read more about our 2019 Northeast Summit to see what our regional summits are all about.