The Catalyst Kitchens Data Champions Fellowship

Bring Your Data to Life
A 6 month data fellowship program for Catalyst Kitchens members


Become a Data Champion

Your organization's data is the backbone of your program, so give it the platform it deserves. Funder expectations for nonprofits are higher than ever before, which means your data needs to clearly demonstrate your organization's community impact. From student outcomes reporting to donor acquisition strategy, bring your data to life with this exclusive opportunity in partnership with the Tableau Foundation.

Our Data Champions program is an opportunity to build your organization's data culture. A group of data specialists at member organizations are invited to participate in a 6 month fellowship to design resources leveraging the collective outcomes data of the network.

This fellowship includes access to Tableau software, training from the Tableau foundation, and the opportunity to work with other member organizations to build their team's analytic capacity. 

Increase your proficiency with data analysis. Create compelling visuals. Expand how your organization uses outcomes data and tap into network-wide datasets.


Read on about the 2019 Data Champion Fellows


Four Ways We're Creating a "Culture of Data" with our 2019 Data Champions

The concept of creating a "culture of data" has been growing in the non-profit field for years. What does it look like in practice? As a national network, Catalyst Kitchens took on the challenge with a group of 10 member organizations in the 2019 Data Champions Fellowship program to establish a data-driven culture nationally and within individual organizations. 

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Living Pictures: Visualizing Data with Tableau

What is Tableau and how can it help your organization? Essentially, Tableau is like Microsoft Excel’s stylish bilingual cousin. Tableau software is designed to analyze and visualize the columns and rows of data collected from multiple sources into an interactive dashboard. Get to know Tableau's software and Catalyst Kitchens uses it's visualization tools to bring network data to life. 

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The 2020 Data Champions Fellowship 

Selected fellows will participate in a 6 month fellowship program to design resources and tools to communicate the value of data analysis to your organization's leadership. 

This project is made possible with the generous support of the Tableau Foundation.

We are not currently accepting applications for the Data Champions Fellowship program for Catalyst Kitchens members. Please check this page for updates and make sure you are receiving our members newsletter, sign up here.


Who You Are

We're seeking staff from member organizations that work with data on a regular basis, including data analysts, database specialists, program directors, and similar job roles. This fellowship aims to increase your ability to analyze and visualize outcomes data and advocate for data-informed strategies at your organization. This is a great professional development opportunity and a mechanism to improve your organization's long term data visualization techniques. 

This program is offered to member organizations and is seeking three team members to participate including one Team Lead and two supporting participants. 

Please note: Applications are reserved for members that have not previously participated in the Data Champions.


Fellowship Goals

Identify and connect individuals within the network who work closely with data

Increase proficiency in data analysis at member organizations

Build at least 1 shared resource within the 6-month project pilot

Establish ongoing data working group to sustain the initiative



Program Benefits

Tableau Online Licenses for three person team 

A Tableau Desktop license for the Team Lead

A voucher for virtual Tableau software training for the Team Lead


Lingering questions? 

Please don't hesitate to reach out to our team with questions about the upcoming fellowship program. Our Impact Analyst, James Hondros, is leading the cohort and is available to discuss the fellowship through email at or give him a call at 206-787-1503. 


*The Data Champions Fellowship is available for Catalyst Kitchens members only. If you are interested in exploring our membership program, click here.*