Catalyst Consulting Success

Thriving Together

Our consulting team has worked with over 150 organizations since 2011 to help their programs prepare students for gainful employment. 

We support non-profits in launching new training programs, scaling existing programs, and providing professional development through events & workshops

As a result, the organizations we support have helped over 15,000 students find jobs in foodservice.


Success Stories through Catalyst Consulting

We have worked with programs of all shapes and sizes throughout the years: food banks, housing service providers, recovery centers, for-profit businesses turned nonprofit missions, and more. Here are a few of our successes. 



My House, Wasilla, Alaska: building the business and student retention rate

The My House team was facing two main issues: lack of business profitability and low program retention rate and accountability. After a site visit at FareStart to formalize their business and training strategies along with ways to promote trainee accountability, the My House program is now turning a profit and has created new training opportunities for students and program graduates through a youth council program. 





Catholic Charities Louisville: From a Cohort Model to Staggered Admissions

The Catholic Charities Louisville's job training program Common Table struggled with low trainee recruitment, a low retention rate, and consistent business revenues. After participating in the Catholic Charities USA Foodservice Social Enterprise Accelerator in 2017, they received staff training and development in social enterprise, restructured their program from cohort enrollment to staggered admissions, professional development via the Coaching Champions program, and identified community partners to support student recruitment. As a result, they have revamped their whole team and created a formalized training program. They are currently developing a partnership with the local food bank to expand their training program. 




Homeward Bound of Marin County's Increased Student Trainees and Job Placements

Homeward Bound's businesses were growing quickly but their student population stayed stable at about 40 trainees served per year. They needed additional social services support for students to find housing, health services, access to transportation, and life skills training to prepare them for their first job after the program. After working with the Catalyst Consulting team, they almost doubled their number of trainees served from 40 to 70 in the following year, increased student job placement, reduced 50% of training costs through a program restructure, and became Model Members in the Catalyst Kitchens member network. 

“The Catalyst Consulting team was fantastic. They engaged with our staff and listened to what was working and what wasn’t. The net result was a more structured program...with the ability to train more students per year, at a reduced cost.”
- Paul Fordham, Deputy Director




Client Testimonials:

"If you want excellent support in strengthening your org's social enterprise, CK is thoughtful, personable, knowledgeable, and perfectly placed to provide this consulting. Their own experience coupled with the network's makes them leaders and models for the social enterprise sector."
- Stone Soup PDX, program launch in 2019 


"They have the experience and the tools to help you at any step of your development."
- One 80 Place


"I would highly recommend Catalyst Kitchens for culinary training program consultation. Justin and Tiffany were incredibly helpful in helping us plan out or next steps, highlighting our strengths, and helping us problem solve for our weaknesses."

- Dimitra Vourliotis, Central Texas Food Bank


"Our learning went beyond establishing social enterprises; we were able to imagine how to more broadly include an entire suite of wrap-around services necessary to support our clients."
- Ken Zablotny, Catholic Charities of Rochester
"During the consultation we were able to get a more concise idea of what our program would look like. We were very pleased with the results and appreciated the excellent facilitation of our meetings. The team came very prepared, planned our meetings well, and were flexible with our schedules."
- New Moon Cafe



"Over the last several years, Saint Vincent de Paul hired Catalyst Kitchens to help launch and scale our food service job training program. Catalyst Kitchens arranged a workshop to show us a behind the scenes view of the FareStart model which inspired our initial vision for the Next Course program and our childcare meals business KidzTable. We called upon CK later in our evolution to restructure our training program to more effectively integrate with our food service social enterprise and the need for a more comprehensive training for Baltimore residents. From 2015-2017, we worked together to create advanced training options for our students to be more competitive in the job market and explore future expansion in our programming. In 2018, we are on track to train over (189 In the past 4 years) individuals with barriers to employment in Baltimore!"
 – Tona Craviato, St. Vincent de Paul


Scaling Nonprofit Impact Through Consulting

Six strategies for nonprofits looking to generate earned revenue and scale their social impact through consulting. 

Catalyst Consulting

We support the lifecycle of foodservice job training program development and guide clients at all stages.

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We hold workshops throughout the year for our clients and member programs to grow professionally and programmatically.