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Catalyst Kitchens membership is here to give your program a boost.

Discounted Technical Assistance

Even well-established programs benefit from support when embarking on a new venture. From restructuring an admissions cycle to integrating students into a new business line, our technical assistance team is here to help. Our member-exclusive consulting offering includes two days of customized in-person, student curriculum, and remote support. Our team offers a steeply discounted technical assistance package twice a year just for Catalyst Kitchens member programs, because everyone needs a little help sometimes.

Discounted access to workshops

Workshops provide an excellent opportunity for staff to grow professionally and develop strategies that will strengthen your program. Catalyst Kitchens includes free registration to Regional Summits and discounted access to our Train the Trainer Workshops, and Foodservice Job Training Programs 101 Workshops.

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Vendor Discounts

Member discounts are designed to lighten your operating costs and increase the value of your student training program. Explore our discounted products and services, including everything from Starbucks coffee and student shoes to uniforms and ServSafe certification.

Access to educational resources

Our educational membership resources are designed to provide your program a foundation of knowledge & support that will grow your community impact. We offer a full resource library of videos, templates, and other educational resources across a range of relevant topic areas including student training, business operations, and community engagement. 



Our Consulting Services

We offer technical assistance for programs getting started in foodservice job training, those ready to expand their existing program, & everything in between. 

Events & Workshops

Our in person workshops and events take your program (and your professional development) to the next level. 

Membership Discounts

Operational discounts & preferred vendors to increase your organization's capacity and add value to the student experience. 

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