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FareStart’s Catalyst Kitchens Members Rising to the Occasion Nationwide

We may need to be socially distant, but we are not socially disconnected. Our members, their leadership, their volunteers, and their donors are on the front lines of this crisis to take care of the most vulnerable. 

“Empowering People. Feeding the Hungry.”

December 5, 2018

The Maryland Food Bank is a major force throughout Maryland and distributes enough food to provide more than 37 MILLION meals throughout the state annually. In 2010, they decided they wanted to do even more and started FoodWorks, a 12 week culinary training program with job readiness and placement support. They have prepared 200+ graduates for culinary employment since the program’s inception.

“Living Pictures”: Visualizing Data with Tableau

December 4, 2018

What is Tableau and how can it help your organization? Essentially, Tableau is like Microsoft Excel’s stylish bilingual cousin. Tableau software is designed to analyze and visualize the columns and rows of data collected from multiple sources into an interactive dashboard. Get to know Tableau's software and Catalyst Kitchens uses it's visualization tools to bring network data to life. 

Build Your Giving Tuesday Fundraising Campaign

November 16, 2018

#GivingTuesday is on November 27th, 2018. Is your program ready to take advantage of the national fundraising movement?

New Programs, Stronger Standards, More Graduates

November 2, 2018

With new business come new challenges. Coast Mental Health’s foodservice operations have exploded since they joined the Catalyst Kitchens network in 2017 with a brand new catering program and in-house contract meals program for their housing residents.

How to Recruit Students During Low Unemployment

October 31, 2018

The Catalyst Kitchens model is designed to create long-term pathways out of poverty rather than quick fixes. We know that hard culinary skills can help get a student a job and soft skills, like teamwork and communication, will help them KEEP a job.