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FareStart’s Catalyst Kitchens Members Rising to the Occasion Nationwide

We may need to be socially distant, but we are not socially disconnected. Our members, their leadership, volunteers and donors are on the front lines of this crisis to take care of the most vulnerable. 

Five Ways to Reinforce Culinary Lessons in the Kitchen

February 25, 2020

Students progress at different speeds in the kitchen, posing a real challenge for a chef trainer focused on teaching students and ensuring catering orders are completed correctly in a timely manner. Catalyst Kitchens team member Natalie Evans shares some tips & tricks from her days as a Catering Chef at FareStart with strategies on how to reinforce culinary training techniques in the kitchen and provide extra support to students who need additional reinforcement.

Celebrating 2019's Successes: the Year in Pictures

January 8, 2020

From increasing our in-person workshop offerings to launching our first year of mentorship and data champions programming, we are continually finding new ways to meet your organization’s needs. In 2019 we grew our membership network by 22 members and served 66 unique organizations through our consulting services. Through it all, we’ve been impressed and inspired by all of the amazing work happening around the country. As we gear up for 2020, we’d like to take this moment to celebrate the successes of our membership network.

Fighting Poverty with Data: Tableau Foundation Looks Back at 2019

December 26, 2019

Original article published on the Tableau Foundation blog. At the Tableau Foundation, we’ve learned from our grant partners that while solving poverty on a broad scale may be their goal, it’s not how they go about their work. Instead, they’re using data to see deep into the issue and understand the needs of the people they’re trying to serve.

Katrina's "Tough Love" Approach at Kitchens for Good

December 8, 2019

Everyone needs a cheerleader sometimes. Students at Model Member Kitchens for Good have found theirs in Katrina Meredith, Director of Workforce Development, who works to support students through the program with encouragement and by holding them accountable for their actions. Her tough love approach to counseling has paid off with Kitchen for Good's 75% graduation rate.

How We Support Chef Trainers

December 4, 2019

The majority of chef instructors come into their roles with culinary backgrounds and are new to teaching or providing social services support to individuals with employment barriers. This is where Catalyst Kitchens comes in - our roles is to provide coaching, resources, and technical assistance to give these trainers, and all staff members at our member organizations for that matter, what they need to succeed.