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Arc Culinary's Entry Level Certificate program provides students with a variety of essential skills in order to succeed in a professional kitchen. With hands-on learning, students gain the necessary experience to successfully enter the food service industry in just 16 weeks. Upon completion, students learn an Entry Leven Culinary Arts Certificate as well as a Food Handler Food Safety Certificate. Among other things, the program supports students to: * Gain experience in proper use and maintenance of professional knives, hand tools, and commercial kitchen equipment.  * Become familiar with the layout and workflow of professional kitchens and restaurants * Gain appreciation for the history, culture, and international diversity of the culinary arts This certificate program provides real-world experience for all students with the opportunity to complete their laboratory experience in a fully operational commercial kitchen. All students enrolled in the Culinary Arts Program must participate in laboratory courses, acquiring and refining their practical culinary skills alongside chef instructors and kitchen staff. Students assist in preparing contract meals and fulfilling catering orders, all while helping fulfill an important social mission within our community. Upon completion of the program, Arc Culinary supports graduates to obtain and maintain successful employment.

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