About Us

Better Together
Working to move individuals out of homelessness and poverty through job training.

We support nonprofit organizations that provide pathways to jobs through a foodservice job training model. 

Every community has the right ingredients

We meet members where they are. Every community has: 

A willing and competent workforce of people eager to overcome the issues that are creating barriers to their employment

Access to the tools, training and support they need to succeed

The job and life skills development that can ensure employment in a stable and growing industry

We help turn those ingredients into a solution

Our team brings a wealth of experience to help organizations create high-impact, individualized solutions for their communities. We work closely with member organizations to launch and sustain foodservice job training programs based on the FareStart model. 

Our strength is in our diversity 

Catalyst Kitchens works with organizations from New Orleans to Fairbanks, Alaska. Through our consulting work, we help organizations harness the ingredients in their community to address their needs.

We learn from one another

The true strength of our network is in our willingness to share and learn from one another. We are able to have an exponential impact—both individually and collectively—because we can adapt best practices and successful innovations from each member organization to increase the ability of every member organization to better serve their community. 

Accelerate your impact

Our members are breaking down barriers to employment and breaking the cycles of joblessness, poverty, and hunger. If you want to start a food service social enterprise, or accelerate the progress of your programs, we want to welcome you to our member network! Learn more about our membership program and consulting services


Building on success.
Catalyst Kitchens is an initiative of Seattle-based FareStart—an organization devoted to ending the cycle of joblessness, poverty, and hunger.


A model for lasting change.
FareStart developed a unique combination of social services and social enterprises—including a restaurant, cafes, contract meals, and world-class catering.

Local action.
The 80+ Catalyst Kitchens members all have the same focus: one person, one job and one community at a time.

Global impact.
Since 2011, Catalyst Kitchens members in the US, Canada and the UK, have helped more than 23,000 people transform their lives.