About Us

Stronger together

We are leading a movement to end joblessness, poverty and hunger in our communities.

Every community has the right ingredients.

There is no great mystery to our success in breaking the cycle of joblessness, poverty, and hunger. We make use of critical ingredients that are readily available in every community:


willing and competent workforce of people eager to overcome
the issues that are creating barriers to their employment;
access to the tools, training and support they need to succeed;
the opportunity to apply their talents in social enterprises
that offer great value to the communities they serve;
and, in doing so, developing job and life skills that can
ensure employment in a stable and growing industry.


We help turn those ingredients into a solution

Our social impact entrepreneurs bring a wealth of experience in helping organizations turn those key ingredients into sustainable high impact solutions in their communities. We help incubate, launch and grow our member organizations until they are thriving. They, in turn, share their wisdom and experience with other members to help them do the same.

Our strength is in our diversity 

There is no single formula for creating and operating a food-service-based social enterprise. Our alliance members are often quite different, because the communities they serve are different. But each member of the Catalyst Kitchens alliance has one powerful thing in common: 

an unwavering commitment to break the cycle 
of joblessness, poverty and hunger in their communities.

We learn from one another

The true strength of our network is in our willingness to share and learn from one another. We are able to have an exponential impact—both individually and collectively—because we can adapt best practices and successful innovations from each member organization to increase the ability of every member organization to better serve their community. Because we are partners we do not have to reinvent the wheel. We do not have to start from scratch on fundraising or the creation of new programs. We can leverage our buying power. Together we can accelerate our reach, our efficiency and our impact faster and more successfully than any of us could ever do on our own.

Accelerate your impact

Our members represent some of the most innovative social enterprises in the world. They are breaking down barriers to employment, and breaking the cycles of joblessness, poverty and hunger. If you want to start a food service social enterprise, or accelerate the progress of your programs, consider joining us. 


Building on success.
Catalyst Kitchens is an initiative of Seattle-based FareStart—an organization devoted to ending the cycle of joblessness, poverty, and hunger.


A model for lasting change.
FareStart developed a unique combination of social services and social enterprises—including a restaurant, cafes, contract meals, and world-class catering.

Local action.
The 60+ Catalyst Kitchens members all have the same focus: one person, one job and one community at a time.

Global impact.
Since 2011, Catalyst Kitchens members in the US, Canada and the UK, have helped more than 12,500 people transform their lives.