Catalyst Kitchens is the initiative of FareStart established to help design, launch, sustain and grow foodservice job training social enterprises across North America. 


Catalyst Kitchens uses FareStart’s expertise and the best practices found in the CK Network to help members and clients operate strong, effective programs that train individuals into employment in the foodservice industry. 

Since 2011, the Catalyst Kitchens Network

placed over 15,500 individuals experiencing barriers to employment in jobs

served over 97 million meals to their communities

contributed $350 million into their local economies






The Catalyst Kitchens Model


More than 1 in 7 Americans live in poverty—a cycle that is complex, generational and self-reinforcing. 
Stronger together, the Catalyst Kitchens Network makes a collective impact on poverty, joblessness and hunger through our shared model.


Empowerment through Job Training

Foodservice job training, life skills development and targeted job placement create a pathway out of poverty.


Sustainability through Social Enterprise

Self-generated revenue through social enterprise businesses grows program sustainability.


Collaboration through Community Engagement

Collaboration with local government, non-profit partners and employers builds broad community impact.