Welcome to Catalyst Kitchens

United under the shared goal of training individuals with barriers for employment in the foodservice industry. Now serving over 100,000 meals per day to the community nationally during COVID-19.

We launch and grow foodservice job training social enterprises that help people develop skills for a life-changing career. 

We’ve worked with over 160 organizations around the world and support a network of over 80 members transforming lives in their communities.

Since 2011, Catalyst Kitchens members have collectively placed over 15,500 individuals with barriers to employment in jobs.

Our Membership Network

Our members are united under a shared goal: to provide quality job training to economically empower our students in the hospitality field.

Catalyst Consulting

We can help you accelerate your impact, whether you are in startup mode or looking to increase the effectiveness of current programs. 

Events & Workshops
We hold workshops throughout the year for member programs and non-members alike to grow professionally and programmatically together. 
FareStart's National Initiative

Catalyst Kitchens is an initiative of Seattle-based FareStart, which has developed a unique combination of social services and social enterprises—including a restaurant, two cafés, contract meals and world-class catering.