Problem & Impact

One in seven Americans now lives in poverty. In order to affect change we must leverage innovative, sustainable solutions to multiply impact. Members of Catalyst Kitchens have found a local solution to unemployment and food scarcity and now we are scaling our success to make a national impact.

Over the next five years, Catalyst Kitchens will transform lives through foodservice job training and social enterprise.   Leveraging the experience of model members across the country, Catalyst Kitchens will launch 50 new programs within five years, providing job training to 6,000 individuals and serving 10 million nutritious meals every year.

Learn more about the incredible impact that Catalyst Kitchens members made last year by reading our 2014 Members Report.

From traditional soup kitchens... has long been a vehicle for improving people’s lives. But Catalyst Kitchens take[s] it a step further, based on the powerful notion that they can accomplish three goals at once: feeding hungry people, providing housing and other support to those on the margins of society, and giving people the skills they need to lift themselves out of poverty. 

- Associated Press