The Member Network

All Catalyst Kitchens members have a shared vision to empower lives through foodservice job-training, self-generate revenues through social enterprise, and nourish bodies and minds through quality foodservice.

Benefits of Membership

Catalyst Kitchens is predicated upon the belief that a network of like-minded organizations can increase each organization's overall impact by leveraging scale, sharing best practices, maintaining standards, and ultimately providing each organization with tools and resources to transform more lives through food-service social enterprise.      

Benefits include:

  • Support of Collaborative Community
  • Access to Shared Information
  • Network Seal of Approval
  • Measured Collective Impact
  • Sponsorship
  • Service Discount

Model Members

Recognized leaders of the field, embodying the vision of the network and all three components of the model. All Model Members value the importance of high standards and measured impact. To achieve these, each participates in annual peer review and outcomes tracking, honing individual performance while strengthening the network as a whole. Participating at the highest level, each contributes $5,000-10,000 per year towards achieving national impact on accessible job training and nutrition.

Rising Members

New or existing organizations who pay $500 per year for access to valuable tools and resources online. These members are striving to excel in all three model components. Through custom services and online resources, Catalyst Kitchens provides Rising Members with the tools and support they need to build strong, impactful programs.