Success Story: AspenPointe

Model Member
Colorado Springs, CO

AspenPointe's Culinary Training Program provides instruction for students who are committed to a career in culinary arts.  During the program, students acquire the foundational knowledge and skills of cooking and/or baking, sensory awareness and teamwork needed to work with competence and professionalism in a commercial kitchen or in a related culinary field.


Trainee Population: Adults & youth facing mental health challenges

Social Enterprises: Cafe, Cafeteria, Catering 

Problem: Seeking tangible paths to employment and self-sustainability for adults and youth facing barriers to employment.

Solution: Develop, launch, and scale foodservice social enterprises and associated training programs.

Services Provided: Feasibility study, strategic palnning, program design and development, organization and staff training, curriculum materials, sponsorship, CK grant awards, peer learning exchange.


Increased the # of trainees served from 0 to 134 annually

Progressed to Model Membership

Hosted 2014 CK Summit

"[Catalyst Kitchens] provided us with both practical training advice as well as invaluable consulting…Up to 20 mental health patient students are in the program at any given time.  We have trained 392 students since Oct 2011."