Our Team

Renée Martin
Director, Catalyst Kitchens

Renée got her entrepreneurial experience in the (insanely) fast moving digital media sector where she launched and developed several startups. After that she pivoted to be a leadership consultant to nonprofits and social entrepreneurs. As Director, Renée oversees Catalyst Kitchens as a whole. She is responsible for social enterprise sustainability and program impact for both membership and consulting. 

“There is nothing more inspiring than helping communities all over the country (and beyond) galvanize around food as a catalyst for change using our proven model to help individuals escape the cycle of poverty.”


Tyler White
Program Associate

Tyler got his start with Catalyst Kitchens as an AmeriCorps VISTA member and has developed a strong understanding of how our network and services can contribute to the success of organizations around the country. As Program Associate, he supports the day-to-day operations of Catalyst Kitchens by providing front line customer service, promoting membership and service offerings, and providing general administrative support.

“Working with Catalyst Kitchens has taught me the real power of a new kind of impact model—where social services are sustained through social enterprises.”

James Hondros
Content and Resource Developer

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