Member Profile: Climb CDC

Model Member
Gulfport, MS

CLIMB engages with their community through creative partnerships. They’ve started several culinary externships with local businesses and are hosting their first Employer Advisory Council meeting with 40 employers invited.


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Mission: To promote strong communities by providing individuals access to opportunities that inspire self-reliance.

Trainee Population: Opportunity Youth

Social Enterprises: Cafe, Catering

Café CLIMB is a non-profit restaurant and catering social enterprise staffed by local, at-risk youth ages 16-26 years old and is the first teaching Café program in Mississippi.  Students participate in a 9 month curriculum that gives graduates the tools they require to prepare for work in one of the Gulf Coast’s fastest growing employment sectors.


"Our Staff are compassionate, persistent, and treat our students with respect, firmness and love."

– Stephanie Mathes, CEO of CLIMB