Member Profile: Cathedral Kitchen

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Camden, NJ

Cathedral Kitchen offers both a Culinary Arts Training and Baking Arts Training program to residents of Camden, NJ, and surrounding areas.  To support their programs, Cathedral Kitchen operates two social enterprises: CK Cafe, opened in May of 2015, serving lunch and providing catered events during breakfast and evening hours and the brand new Souper Van food truck.

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Established: 1976
Mission: We provide nutritious meals for impoverished residents of Camden, NJ. 
Trainee Population: Homeless, In Recovery, Lack of Education/Job Skills, Low Income

We have graduated 297 culinary and baking arts students with more than 80% job placement, and nearly two thirds of our own staff of 42 either graduated from our training program and/or lives in Camden city.  Between our two kitchens, we feed more than 2,000 people each day in Camden (we have a contract to provide 1,600 daily meals to halfway houses and shelters and our meal program and food outreach to seniors and children provides an average of 400 additional daily meals).

Social Enterprises: Contract Meals, Café, Catering, Food Truck

We are very excited about the launch of our Souper Van, CK Food Truck! The Souper Van will be an extension of our social enterprise, CK Café, selling food to the public by contracting with office parks, private events, and food truck festivals.  We will also use the truck to expand our food outreach to seniors and children living in Camden who may not be able to access our soup kitchen’s dinner service.  The addition of the Souper Van will increase our revenue generating operations and allow us to create a new cook position hiring one of our culinary students who recently graduated the training program.


"Two members of our executive team attended the Catalyst Kitchens Summit 2016 and brought back many great ideas they shared with the team. We value the networking with similar organizations and the opportunity to share and learn from mutual challenges and successes."  

– Noreen Flewelling, Director of Development