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Colorado Springs, CO

At the heart of AspenPointe's social enterprise is an internationally acclaimed 16-week culinary training program, which trains between 60 and 70 students each year. The students are patients in recovery and include the homeless, formerly incarcerated, at-risk youth, disabled veterans, those suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder or Traumatic Brain Injury and others facing barriers to employment.



"AspenPointe is eternally grateful to Catalyst Kitchens for their incredible guidance and support. Seven years ago, CK helped build our culinary training program from scratch with professional assist visits, curriculum and sound advice."

- Brian Toon, Director of Business Operations


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Established: 1991


Mission: Provide exceptional behavioral health care to our community one patient at a time. Our most important value is to make a positive difference in the lives of those we serve. 


Trainee Population: In Recovery, Homeless, Re-Entry, Veterans

AspenPointe's iconic café is acclaimed for its 16-week culinary training program. A large portion of the students are not competitive in the job market when they first arrive. After students graduate from the vocational culinary program, they are placed in jobs in restaurants, cafes, hotels, assisted living facilities, universities, casinos, high schools, food trucks and other food service roles. These job opportunities are crucial and life changing, especially at a time when the national unemployment rate for individuals receiving public mental health services is approximately 80 percent. The training and support services provided by AspenPointe to its students saved the taxpayer more than $4.5M over the past five years in unemployment compensation and other social support costs.


Social Enterprises: Café, Catering, Contract Meals

AspenPointe Café serves the demanding and diverse palates of 350 to 400 daily diners. Prices are kept 30 to 40% lower than local restaurants for the building staff and up to 1,000 daily visitors. In addition to daily dining and culinary training, AspenPointe has a catering venture that serves 55,000 guests per year. AspenPointe Café won Catersource’s national Bright Idea Award for its unique approach to recovery, culinary training, and employment opportunities for mental health clients.